Project Description

Gemini Kaps™

Streamlining precision sealant application to backside nut plates and bolts for consistent, high quality seals

The majority of fasteners used in the maintenance and repair of aircraft structures are “wet installed” with a qualified aerospace sealant applied during installation to seal out moisture and provide critical corrosion protection. This hand-applied process is time consuming, labor intensive, and technician dependent, which leads to inconsistent and excessive sealant application in addition to increased aircraft weight. SMRC’s Gemini technology delivers consistent, high quality seals.

  • Custom pre-formed molds delivere metered sealant application
  • Self-releasing material and integrated features provide easy removal
  • Color-coded for quick selection and FOD prevention
  • Tranluscent material for immediate QC feedback
  • Minimal user expertise or training required

Up to 50% sealant weight reduction and labor savings of up to 1 minute per fastener

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