SMRC was awarded a Phase II SBIR contract through the Air Force for their Programmable Accelerated Environmental Test System.

Corrosion is a serious problem affecting the longevity, safety, durability, and affordability of military and commercial aircraft. Despite strict implementation of MIL and ASTM standards for aircraft Outer Mold Line (OML) coatings, corrosion is frequently observed during maintenance partly due to inadequate testing methods representing an in-service environmental exposure; hence, advanced tools are required for more accurate and realistic assessment of these coatings. A programmable accelerated environmental test system that can simulate on-service aircraft exposure of salt-fog, temperature, UV, and corrosive gases can provide immense value to the aircraft industry. Systems & Materials Research Corporation (SMRC) will design and build a programmable chamber that can simulate a realistic environmental exposure of aircraft coatings on representative test coupons. The outcome of this effort will be a better assessment tool to qualify aircraft coatings for safe, durable, long-term, and sustainable aircraft operation.

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