SMRC was awarded a Phase I SBIR contract through the Navy for their Moisture Insensitive Pyrotechnic Formulations.

Systems & Materials Research Corporation (SMRC) in conjunction with Texas Tech University and Esterline Defense Technologies proposed the production of moisture insensitive pyrotechnic formulations for use in safe and arm (S&A) assemblies. Old and new materials will be processed to produce metals that do not form surface oxides that increase ignition times in Airborne Expendable Infrared Countermeasures (AEIRCMs). After surface treatment, the materials will be analyzed by infrared spectroscopy (IR) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) to determine the completeness of coating. These samples will then be exposed to humid air and the oxide coating if any will be quantified. Metals found to be resistant to humid air will be used to produce metal/Teflon/Viton formulations. After preliminary safety evaluation for friction, static, impact, ignition temperature sensitivity, additional testing will be performed. By comparing the properties of both aged and un-aged samples, SMRC will be able to suggest additional modifications, if needed, to produce moisture insensitive pyrotechnic formulations. The formulations will be tested for energy density and ignition time before and after aging in 50% relative humidity chambers. Successful formulations will be processed and tested by Esterline. S&A devices will be shipped to Crane, IN for evaluation.

Please contact Dr. David Irvin for more information.