SMRC was awarded a Phase I SBIR contract through the Air Force for Fasten E-Z.

Each fastener installed during aircraft assembly requires a hole to be drilled, and those holes filled with either rivets or threaded fasteners. To add difficulty, most fasteners must have sealant applied to the hole, and interference fasteners must be inserted using a hammer. Unfortunately, aircraft manufacturing is not conducive to automation, so most of the hole drilling and fastener installing is done by hand. The process involves a few different tools – the drill, the inserter, and the nut driver – to complete the assembly. Significant time could be saved if the installer used one tool to perform all of the fastener installation steps. SMRC’s Fasten E- Z tooling development will address these issues to reduce the time required to hand install fasteners.

Please contact Mr. C.Y. Ingham for more information.