7th Small Business Forum Roundtable

SMRC participated in the 7th Small Business Forum Roundtable while at Sea, Air, Space […]

Sea, Air, Space Exposition

SMRC attended the Navy’s Sea, Air, Space Exposition at the Gaylord National Convention Center […]

How 3-D Printing is Going Out of This World

The Wall Street Journal mentioned our 3D Printed Food technology in their article How […]

Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment

SMRC attended the Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment (AA&S) conference in Baltimore, MD on 30 March – 2 April […]

Lockheed Martin Workshop

SMRC attended a workshop on doing business with Lockheed Martin Corp. hosted by University […]

National Armaments Consortium

SMRC attended the National Armaments Consortium (NAC) General Membership and Collaboration Day in Whippany, NJ on […]

Naval Future Force S&T Expo

SMRC attended the Naval Future Force S&T Expo in Washington DC on 4-5 February 2015.

Defense Manufacturing Conference

SMRC attended the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) in San Antonio, TX on 1-4 December […]

National SBIR Conference and Defense Energy Summit

SMRC will be attending the National SBIR Conference and Defense Energy Summit in Austin, TX […]

SAE G8/G9 Committee Meetings

SMRC attended the SAE G8 Aerospace Organic Coatings Committee and G9 Aerospace Sealing Committee […]

Agricultural Bioscience International Conference

Dr. David Irvin presented 3D Printed Food: From Nouveau Gastronomy to Basic Nutrition at the […]

Maker Faire – The European Edition

Mr. Anjan Contractor presented SMRC’s 3D Printed Food at Maker Faire. Maker Faire was […]

SAE 2014 Aerospace Manufacturing and Automated Fastening Conference & Exhibition

SMRC attended the SAE 2014 Aerospace Manufacturing and Automated Fastening Conference & Exhibition in […]

57th Annual A4A NDT Forum

Jesse McDaniel presented Microwave Coating Thickness Inspection for Aerospace Composite Structures at the 57th […]

216th National Aerospace Standards Committee

SMRC will be attending the 216th National Aerospace Standards Committee meeting in Portland, OR on 30 Sep – 2 […]

Technical Assistance Program Workshop

SMRC attended the Technical Assistance Program Workshop in Austin, TX on 26 August 2014.

NDIA 26th Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event

SMRC attended the NDIA 26th Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event in San Diego, […]

ARL Collaboration Day

SMRC attended the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Collaboration Day in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD […]

The Wright Dialogue with Industry

SMRC attended The Wright Dialogue with Industry event in Dayton, OH on 22-24 July 2014.

National SBIR Conference

SMRC attended the National SBIR Conference in National Harbor, MD on 16-18 June 2014.